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“I went through World War II. Noise doesn't bother me.”
—Edith Macefield

Edith Macefield was a legend to some, a nuisance to others, and an enigma to all. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, “The Ballard woman captured hearts and admirers around the world when she stubbornly turned down $1 million to sell her home to make way for a commercial development.” Because of Edith’s resolve, the developers had no choice but to build their five-story shopping center around her 108-year-old farmhouse.

Edith continued to live in the house amidst the daily construction until the age of 86, when she passed away. The public was shocked to learn that Edith had left the house to Barry Martin, the Senior Superintendent on the construction project

who had befriended her during the final years of her life. Barry eventually sold the house for far less than a million dollars to real estate developers who would uphold the integrity of Edith’s memory.

Today, five years after Edith’s death, the frame of the house still stands, gutted and empty on the inside but standing all the same. She lives on as a neighborhood icon. Edith found the idea of selling out ridiculous, so she stood steadfast. She simply wanted to be left alone and live out the rest of her life in her own home. Edith and her modest one bedroom home gave—and continue to give—the Ballard community, Seattle citizens, and people as far away as China the hope and the courage to stand their ground.

Special thanks to these artists who make music that inspires us to stand steadfast.

Today, we celebrate the steadfast. The real-life legends all around us. The people who—intentionally or not—inspire us to reconsider our own lives, to create our own myths, and to join causes bigger than ourselves.

They are tenacious in spirit. They are gritty, made of courage and conviction. They are not always household names and often their stories are ignored. They are the bizarre. The brave. The steadfast.

Here, we share their untold stories.
Here, we stand steadfast.


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